Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners is the spacial intervention made for a group exhibition in Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven. It’s the first life size installation, followed after many experiments durig a related residency in Tripkau (Germany). It’s based on the work Cube, where I cut away 2 corners of an A4 paper which gives the illusion the paper is now a flat projection of a 3D drawing of a cube. In TAC I translated this work into a life size installation and made two corners dissapear.

The space in TAC has the groundplan of a square which mesures 10 by 10 meters, with 3.5 meter high white walls, which continue further in a dark grey, until they meet the ceiling. In two oposite corners of this space I made the suggestion of folding the end of the wall and connect it to the adjoining wall. The two triangles which arise are hiding or replacing the existing corners and the new sloping walls are changing the perception of the space and give it a new experience. At least, so I thought. I made the walls as natural as possible as if it had always been like that. Even the plinth continued where I made the new walls. During the openingsnight of the exhibition a lot of people asked about which work was mine. People tended to look at the works on the walls and standing free in the space, but forgot to perceive the whole space. This concluded in the fact that the corners were not even noticed by many visitors. 

When the exhibition ended Astrid Cats, director of TAC, decided to could keep the installation for a longer period, so it would become part of the exhibitionspace and a given situation for the new exhibitors to deal with. At the end of 2020, the installation was removed.