24 hours on Reinhaugen

Reinhaugen June 27th / 656.2 moh / 68.943701º N – 017.848770º E

On June 26th in the early afternoon I walked up to Storhaugen for a two day exploration and camping trip of the Salangsverket mine and its surrounding area. I set up base camp on the foot of Reinhaugen from where I would make my first project. I walked up to the northern side of the top of Reinhaugen before midnight, where I erected a found wooden stick with some stones and marked the end of the shadow it casted at midnight. 

I returned every six hours to do the same. This resulted in a crossed shape of four shadows, all marked by white albite stones found on the top. I marked the Northern direction with an iron ore stone.






The complete marking photographed in northern direction.

Four days later I returned to the same place, removed the stick and marked the four shadow lines with calcium powder and charcoal powder. 

This first marking of me being on the mountain and connecting to the place and time has disappeared after a couple of rain showers, leaving only the five stones in place, probably never to be noticed again by anybody.