Two Walks

On July 6th I left Kraftstasjonen at 13.30 to explore the area around Storhaugen, Reinhaugen and Rundfjellet. After a three hour walk I reached the top of Storhaugen and started to explore the area surrounding the mine. In the early evening I made a walk in eastern direction from Storhaugen moving towards Rundfjellet. After spending the night camping on Storhaugen I made a walk in western and northern direction going around Reinhaugen. When I completed this walk I went back to Kraftstasjonen where I arrived exactly twenty-four hours after I left. These two maps indicate the places of natural split rocks I found during my two walks. 

This work is an invitation for you to find the same rocks and experience the spaces between the rocks which are naturally formed by the elements without human interference. The larger spaces can be entered and walked through.